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My cancer started with a small swollen area on my lower left side of my neck. I first went to the doctor in mid February 2009. My primary doctor examined me and just thought it might be a pulled muscle. As I did not have any pain or any other symptoms with this. He did not feel any hard mass or lump.



WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER VICTIM OF PROSTATE CANCER My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2011 and in May 2011 his prostate was removed. His cancer was very aggressive (8’s), so there was an urgency to get the cancer out before it escaped the prostate. Doctor’s were successful and my husband is cancer […]



PSA IMPORTANCE My regular Physician who is so thorough with tests ran my PSA test a year ago and was at 4.2. Went to Urologist and he said let’s wait 6 or so months to see if it is still elevated and then do biopsy. It was still elevated and did biopsy to find it […]



2-1/2 WEEKS AGO 2-1/2 weeks ago, during a routine physical, my bloodwork was taken. A couple of days later, the doctor called. He said all my bloodwork looked good except my PSA was a high, 23. He said we could talk in about two days but I told him I would be down in five […]