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Are Nitrite-Free and Grass-Fed Meats Less Harmful?

Are Nitrite-Free and Grass-Fed Meats Less Harmful? The short answer is we don’t know. Some of these newer animal products like nitrite-free and pasture-raised meats have not been studied heavily, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR). One study found less multi-drug resistant bacteria contamination on organic chicken, compared with conventional chicken. Organic chicken […]

Why does Blue Cure Promote Eating More Plants?

Up to a third, if not more, of all cancers are diet-related. Although there is much in life we cannot control and there is no guarantee a diet change will prevent cancer, there is enough science to support a plant-based diet for prevention. The most potent phytonutrient antioxidant compounds are found in plants. In fact, […]